Who is PRESUP?
The Managing Directors Jelena Milenovic and Julia Mende, will assist you with all matters and are looking forward to develop a comprehensive and individually optimized support plan with you or your expatriates respectively.

Julia Mende
descends from a family of expats and has lived abroad herself for several years (in New York, Paris, Milan, Beijing, Madrid, Costa Rica, and Mexico). In 2013 she earned her MBA in International Management, i.a. at Stanford University, USA. In addition to her extensive network in Vienna and the world, Julia's experience supporting expats ensures that she can provide an invaluable benefit and facilitate a smooth integration into Vienna life.

Jelena Milenovic moved to Vienna at age 9 as the daughter of an expat and learned to deal with cultural differences and language barriers from a very young age. She has established a broad network in Vienna and knows the city like few people do. Her past experiences and expertise allow her to provide support that will make expats feel at ease from day one.
Julia Mende
Jelena Milenovic
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